Atal Amrit Abhiyan Assam | Atal Amrit Abhiyan Assam Full Details

Atal Amrit Abhiyan Assam

A Step forward in assuring critical care treatment for the people of Assam.

Based on felt needs, goverment of assam has decided to expand . the number of  desease group Covered under the  Atal Amrit Abhiyan

Atal Amrit Abhiyan assam is one of the Assam Government’s best scheme for health assurance. The scheme provides comprehensive coverage and cashless treatment benefits upto Rs. Two Lakhs to every individual from BPL and Low income households across Assam

More than 58000 patients have availed treatment benefit under the schemes till date.

Now, the schemes covered the following new Specialities

New Specialities

a) ICU Packeges

b) Trauma

c) Critical Care paediatrics & paediatrics Surgery

d )Japanese Encephalitis

e) acute encephalitis syndrome ( bone marrow transplantation is also covered under the atal amrit abhiyan)

Exsisting  Specialties

1) Heart diseases

2) Cancer

3)Kidney diseases

4) Neurological Disorder

5) Neonatal diseases and

6) Burns

Atal Amrit Yojana assam Hospital list

More than 30000 cancer patients are being treated under the Atal Amrit Abhiyan.

atal amrit yojana hospital in Assam for cancer treatment

  1. 1.guwahati medical college cancer hospital
  2. Guwahati medical college
  3. assam medical college
  4. silchar medical college
  5. dr b borooah cancer institute
  6. cachar cancer hospital
  7. north east cancer hospital
  8. health city hospital

Atal Amrit yojana hospital in Mumbai for cancer treatment

  1. tata memorial hospital
  2. apollo hospital number
  3. srcc hospital mumbai

Some hospitals for cancer treatment in Hyderabad under Atal Amrit Yojana

  1. yashoda super speciality hospital malakpet hyderabad
  2. yashoda super speciality hospital somajiguda hyderabad
  3. yashoda super speciality hospital secunderabad hyderabad
  4. sunshine hospital Hyderabad

Some hospitals for cancer treatment in Kolkata under Atal Amrit Yojana

  1. hcg eko cancer centre, kolkata

Some hospitals for cancer treatment in delhi under Atal Amrit Yojana

  1. psri hospital Delhi
  2. park hospital Faridabad Delhi

Salient feature of atal amrit abhiyan assam

Financial benefits: upto Rs. 2 Lakhs per individual annually towards approved procedures and other services on a complete cashless basis which includes transportation within the state for Rs.300/-per visit upto a maximum of Rs. 3,000/-per year and Airfare of maximum Rs.30,000/ per annual for the patient and one attendant and a dally allowance of Rs.1,000/-for a maximum of 10 days for out of state treatment episodes

The scheme covers individual members from BPL and APL families with annual income below Rs. 5 Lakhs

Each individual adult member of elgible family is issued a laminated card with a unique identification number.

Enrolment under the scheme is free for BPL families

Each member of eligible APL families will be required t pay a nominal amount of Rs.100/-for enrolment and renewal

Total 80 number of hospitals (41 within Assam and 39 outside Assam) are empanelled under Vistarita Atal Amrit Abhiyan

Total 265 Medical and Surgical Procedures will be available under the new Specialities apart from the existing 438 Procedures (472 Packages)

Official Website:

Atal Amrit Abhiyan Assam
Atal Amrit Abhiyan Assam

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